How to Remove Thread Caught Inside Pearl

by Penny Smith
(Benoni, South Africa)

I am most impressed with your instructions as to how to thread your pearls but nowhere have you spoken about

the problem, which I am sure might be quite common.

I have a valuable string of pearls and was attempting to restring them myself. In so doing one pearl has some of the old cotton thread stuck in it and I have tried almost everything but cannot get the cotton out of the bead.

Please, I would appreciate it if you could advise me as to what product will remove that cotton.
Thanking you.

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Feb 10, 2016
Great Idea!
by: Kari

Thank you for the great idea. Yes, I can see how that would work quite well. The trick is finding tiny, tiny needles but many threading needles are quite small.

I appreciate the advice!

God bless,

Feb 03, 2016
how to remove thread stuck inside a pearl
by: mauritiun

This could be a problem yes sometimes if drilling you can damage the pearl another way i do it is to take the thinnest needles possible and try and put this through the pearl whilst the stuck thread is inside it and with a 0.05 thread pull the thread out takes a few attempts but it definitely works not all clients wants you to drill through the pearls try it this really works :-)

Oct 23, 2014
Here's one idea
by: Kari

Hello Penny,

Yes, that can be a problem. This is one possible solution but it will take persistence and require the purchase of a pearl reamer.

Pearl reamers are sort of tiny sprial hand drills. As you twist they can make a pearl hole larger. They are not expensive.

With persistent "drilling" one can eventually remove the stuck thread.

I'm sure there are other ways of removing the thread. Hopefully someone will give their advice as well.

I have some extra pearl reamers. I can easily sell you one or one can be purchased at jewelry supply stores, such as

Here is the page where they list them. Pearl Reamers.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you'd like to purchase a reamer from me.

Thank you for asking about how to solve this common problem.

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