I bit a pearl

by Amy
(Elkton, Virginia)

My Pearl

My Pearl

My fiancee' and his best friend used to love to go to Chesapeake Bay fishing. My fiancee' doesn't go anymore but his friend still does and sometimes brings up back something that he caught. Well a few weeks ago, my fiancee' asked him to bring us back some oysters when he went next time. We just picked them up on Thursday. He spent a little while shucking some Saturday, Dec 22,2012, and was going to fix them for Sunday dinner. Saturday night we were sitting around the table talking about pearls and how cool it would be to find one. Darold, my fiancee', told my mom that he didn't have to find one, that I was his pearl.

Well, tonight we had the oysters for dinner. They were delicious by the way. I had never really enjoyed oysters before and have only been eating them for the last year. I put on in my mouth and when I bit down, I felt something really hard. I took it out of my mouth and found a pearl. It isn't a big one or a perfect one but I am so excited to have found it, it could be the ugliest thing in the world and I would still love it. I am looking for a cage to put it in to put on a necklace. What a great night before Christmas Eve.

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Mar 09, 2013
Great finding a naturel pearl
by: Kari

Hi Amy,

Thanks for sharing about finding your oyster pearl...and the photo too! Natural pearls are always special, even if not beautiful, they are still a gift of nature that didn't have to happen. I'm glad you had that appreciative attitude about the pearl you found and hope you've been able to display it in some special way.

God bless!

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