I found a pearl in a green mussel from New Zealand

by Amandine
(Bristol uk)

hi there

I had been cycling around New Zealand. And after fishing my dinner, picking cockles and mussels, I met people who suggest me to try their green mussel. Really shinny inside and really big.
We shared our dinner and I found these mussels quiet crunchy and it made it not very nice....well..it wasn't sand...it was 3 pearls. 1 tiny one, that I unfortunately lost, one I gave to those travel mates I will probably never see again and one I kept and got into a ring..without knowing if it worth anything...
This day was beautiful, the sea was amazing and the fact people come to me thinking I must be hungry as I just had a bicycle and a tiny tent :)

The pearl isn't that round, or crazy shinny but, it is one of the most incredible story I tell when I want to tell my incredibly lucky cycling trip :)

Here is my Pearl story :)

I'll be happy to tell more about it or show it to you and or know if it's valuable (even if I know it is..in my heart)


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