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Apr 04, 2011
my pearl
by: dan

Hi Kari its Dan i had my x-ray done and it shows it has a black centre with 7 rings a round it. [what do you think?] p.s thanks Kari

Apr 01, 2011
My Australian Pearl
by: Dan Mcalpine

Hi Kari, first thanks for adding my pictures they look great. I have been doing some research on species of oysters from NE Austalia and in fact there is two varieties of black lipped oyster there is a edible oyster called [saccrostrea echinata] and there's pintada margaritifera is the real mother of pearl oyster so they say. and all so I read that sometimes a edible oyster does form pearls but have no commercial value. I have also taken my pearl to local gemologist and she had determined it had no nacre on it by looking at it with a special magnifying glass. But I will still get it x-rayed to see what it started as and determine if it has any nacre at all. p.s I'll get back to you Kari after it gets x-rayed. Thanks very much. You've been a great person to share my information with and even if my pearl might not be worth lots of money it's a great thing to find.

Mar 30, 2011
Type of pearl depends on type of mollusk
by: Kari

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for adding a photo of your lovely pearl. The type of pearl depends upon the type of mollusk. You mention two types of mollusks, so I don't know which it came from. It's the mollusk that determines the type of pearl.

I appreciate you sharing.

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