I need a picture lesson.

by lucy yates
(Longwood, fl. )

This seems so hard. can you send me mor visual instructions?

I saw Japanese string pearls, but he put all beads on one string-then somehow looped over each one another string and then tied that 1 pearl onto it? I am so confused as it is the "right" Japanese way and I want to know how for my own Mikimoto pearls I own. Unfortunately not right clasp-where can I find M in shell hall mark clasp in sterling--cheap???. Mine came with diamond clasp I picked out-not knowing the original clasp was better value wise. Thanks for reply. lytes9(at)cfl(dot)rr.com Orlando Fl. area.

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May 12, 2012
You asked for it. Here it is.
by: Kari

Lucy, This has been a long time coming, but you asked for a photo tutorial and here it is. I hope it helps your knotting adventures to be successful.

How to Knot Pearls - photo tutorial

Jun 16, 2010
I could not understand your knotting technique
by: Mary

I'm a novice and I tried and tried to the point of frustration to understand your technique of knotting my pearls to no avail. I'm back to my own principles of knotting. I don't like using the clam connectors on my clasps. I'll keep searching and experimenting until I find and understand the technique that is for me.

Oct 09, 2009
Yes, that's what I do
by: Kari

Hi Lucy,

Yes, I put all the pearls on the thread before starting to knot them. That's the way I was taught and it works well for me.

Sorry, I don't know where to get official Mikimoto clasps, you'll have to check with the company about that.

I agree that learning pearl knotting from written instruction leaves much to be desired. It's always best to learn from someone in person. I watched it being done for a long time before even attempting it myself and then I asked a ton of questions. It took practice to get the system mastered.

Thank you for your question.

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