It's not easy bein' green

by Gail McHugh
(North Carolina)

Green Pearl Necklace

Green Pearl Necklace

This was my first attempt to string pearls. I didn't want to waste my good silk thread, so I opted to try out the stuff that comes on a card with a needle attached ~ Big mistake. I had a horrible time getting my knots close together...but I learned alot. I'm getting ready to work with some bigger pearls and this time, I'm going to use the method with the silk doubled up. I tried to upload the photos I took, but it just didn't work for me, I think I put the pics in the wrong place when I got them off my camera. But I'm going to make more after I knot another necklace and we'll be able to see if there is any improvement (I'm sure that there will be!) I learned a whole lot working on that first one.

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Mar 28, 2008
Green Pearls are Beautiful
by: Anonymous

I created a set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings with green pearls. I also found a green quartz heart to put on the necklace.
Karen Augustsson

Mar 22, 2008
Thanks for sharing
by: Kari


Thanks for sharing about your knotting experience. I found too, that it was more challenging to knot with the pre-strung thread.

Your necklace is lovely. I've been super attracted to green things lately.

I'll be sending you a free strand of pearls for you to practice on and to enjoy.

God bless,

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