Karen found a pearl after 40 years of eating oysters!

by Karen Watkins

I always eat oysters whenever and wherever I can. I love them so much I even eat raw preshucked oysters from trusted seafood vendors. My local grocery has two selections, Pacific and Florida. I especially love the Florida, as they are nice and salty. These are wild caught and shipped from Youngstown, Florida. As I was enjoying them, I thought I had a piece of shell, and then saw a small piece of my tooth! I searched my mouth with my tongue for the object who inflicted damage on my tooth. When it emerged, it was a small, round, OBVIOUS pearl. I lost the pearl for a moment, on the lid of the container, but found again. Everyone in my house verified I wasn't crazy, it was indeed a round whitish, creamish beautiful little pearl. I have it in a clear container with a lid where I will cherish it forever. This made my day!

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Apr 28, 2009
by: Kari

Good for you....after 40 years I'm glad you finally were rewarded with a pearl!

Maybe you can have it made into a nice ring or pendant so you can enjoy wearing it and showing it off to your friends.

Did you save the shell? I'm always interested to see the shell that makes a pearl.

Let me know if you want to add a photo. Email it to me at: karipearls(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I can add one or more photos to your page.

Maybe you'll get lucky again before another 40 years passes.

Thanks for sharing...would love to see a photo.

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