Kitchen Confusion

by Ashley C
(Long Beach, CA)

My husband went to Sprouts and bought our 5 year old daughter a little treat of one crab leg for Easter, and while she was eating it she found a teeny little round “rock.” It was off-white and kind of translucent, and my husband suggested it might be a pearl and I thought he was crazy because since when do crabs make pearls? And how in the world did it get into the LEG?? Anyway, I ended up dropping it and it’s about the same color as our kitchen floor, so it’s still rolling around rogue in the kitchen somewhere. But then in the next bite or two our daughter found another bigger one! This one wasn’t quite so round, but it definitely looked like a pearl—more like a freshwater one since it was kind of lumpy looking, but pearly nonetheless. We put it in a little bowl and I found this site when I searched to see what we found. I don’t know if it’s because we let a 5yo near it or if it just isn’t as stable as an oyster pearl, but the “pearl” actually looks powdery now as opposed to shiny. In any case, what a fun Easter surprise!

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Aug 26, 2018
Great Easter Memory!
by: Chris Rogers

Gee, we usually just have ham for Easter dinner and I'm not seeing much potential for "Pork Pearls" out there.

I'll bet it's hard to top this story with ANY Easter egg hung!!

Apr 02, 2018
Thanks, Ashley
by: Kari

Thanks, Ashley, that was a fun story to read about. I'm glad there was a second one so all was not lost. I'm not sure they are technically "pearls" but certainly similar to real pearls and fun and worth keeping as a souvenir.

I dropped a tiny red conch pearl the other day in my home and still haven't found it. I hope to still find it but I have wide pine floors with cracks in there's a chance it has disappeared into "wide pine floor heaven" for good. I'm going to keep looking though:) I've considered first cleaning my vacuum super good and vacuuming, then checking the cleaner...just haven't implemented that approach yet.

I appreciate you taking the time to share. I love hearing about treasures being found!

God bless, Kari

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