Koch, who plays the violin on a grid, probably Frankfurt am Main, 1st Quarter of the 18th Century

Koch, who plays the violin on a grid

Koch, who plays the violin on a grid

With a broad smile on his face fidelt the exuberant chef who has stretched his short leg into supposedly graceful pose of himself, fervently on his gridiron. The quirky character whose stocky body is made from a pear-shaped pearl, wearing an elegant, blue and green-gold striped costume and a green, wide-brimmed hat. She is one of the few Dresdner Perlpretiosen, for which the term "grotesque figure" in the strict sense is true. The unusual design goes back to a 1616 article published in Journal of the Florence etching sequence "Varie Figure Gobbi" by Jacques Callot (1592-1635). Besides the dancing dwarf with bottle and cup (VI, 97), the chef is the only Perlfigur the Green Vault, which is linked directly to motivic Callot. However, in the perlenen cooking Unlike the rather pensive-looking form of printmaking are the role model oversubscribed, mask-like facial features in the foreground, highlighting the caricaturing train more. Also, the figure by the attention to detail: from the small objects in the addition of beads is monstrous - the canteen and a small, drooping of the shoulder Goose - puts. The curved base has all four sides to form plaques with monochrome painting on a pink background. On the front, there are ten dancing and music-making putti around the Priaposherme, the statue of Asia Minor fertility god Priapus, rally, while the side and rear walls fruit horns and garlands, emblems of fertility play. These and numerous other Perlfiguren was acquired by the resident in Frankfurt Huguenot jeweler Guillaume Verbecq.

Source: http://www.alaintruong.com/archives/2013/08/26/27899124.html

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