by clayton woods
(Laguna Beach)

It was 40 years ago I was 10 years old. I would go fishing out off a reef that I had to paddle out to with my surfboard. There where huge mussels out there. I WOULD PICK THEM AND OPEN AND USE FOR BAIT.Then I found A PEARL IN ONE. So I BEGAN LOOKING HARDER IN THE MUSSELS.It was not long that I began finding numerous pearls in just one mussel. The most I found in one mussel was 8 pearls. It was in one summer I had an ink bottle full of these pearls. I counted 62 in total amount. I no longer have that bottle. But the memories are still clear. I do wonder if I could still go there and find mussels today. Sorry no pictures. But it was awesome finding them!!! Clayton Woods


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Dec 28, 2015
Sounds like fun!
by: Kari

Clayton, Thanks for sharing your memories of finding mussel pearls. I'm glad you started searching harder and found so many. It must have been fun and thrilling. I don't see why they couldn't still be found there. Maybe someday you'll start searching again. Blue mussel pearls usually are not large but they can be very lovely. I am looking for more to put up for sale on my site. Let me know if you find some again!

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