Large strawberry Trochys Pearls

Set of  Trochys Pearls

Set of Trochys Pearls

After finding a 40mm horn shaped, cream with green streaks, pearl inside a conch in south-east asia, I showed a few of the locals on the island.
They then proceeded to show me these ones they had spirited away.
They originate from 5 inch base diameter strawberry trochus shells.
They have a transparent 'window' through which you can see beautiful nacre, and a milky, smooth outer edge.
The local divers said that only about one trochus found every two or three months had a pearl.
Does anyone know anything more about these beautiful pearls?

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Oct 24, 2014
by: Edilio

Beautiful and rare pearls !!
Really uncommon pearls.


Oct 24, 2014
For sale ?
by: Anonymous

Do you sell any ?
Best regards.

Oct 23, 2014
Thanks for sharing.
by: Kari

Thanks for sharing. What beautiful pearls. I love the translucent quality. That is very rare.

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