Largest Nacreous Blister Pearl?
Sutas Pearl

At 1,240.29 carats, could this lovely natural pearl be the largest nacreous blister pearl?

Sutas Pearl
Sutas Pearl


120 years ago the diver, Sutas, was living in Sumatra province Indonesia. That time the population of Sumatra was approximately 5 million. Sutas was a very poor man and he had a big family of eight children -- six boys and two daughters. Sutas' life situation was so bad that he was not able to provide 3 meals a day to his family.

Sutas Pearl
Sutas Pearl

His younger son, Tohadi, was supporting his father diving, fishing etc…. One day in the summer season the heat (climate) was reaching up to 46 centigrade. In that particular day the diver Sutas was so depressed and feeling so helpless because of not being able to afford to buy even one meal a day to his family.

Sutas Pearl
Sutas Pearl

He decided with his son, Tohadi, to enter the sea for diving and fishing in his small sailing boat.

When they reached the deep water level Sutas, as usual, tied up the long rope around his waist and dived into the deep sea.

Within a very short time he returned and told his son that he discovered and found a very large size shell and he said he tried to pull the shell but due to the size of the shell he couldn’t lift it.

He told his son Tohadi to dive with him and assist him to lift the shell.

They both dived and reached the shell but still due to the huge size of the shell they both failed to move it so once again they returned to the boat.

Then Sutas decided to go to the province and bring few divers to assist him to lift the shell.

They left a sea mark and started sailing back.

The next day the diver Sutas, his son and four divers started sailing toward the direction where the shell was found and within a few hours they reached the required location.

All of them dived with huge courage to get the huge shell and after a great hard work they managed to move up the huge shell.

They returned back with the big shell to the province where the unexpected event and unexpected surprise occurred when they saw what is perhaps the world's largest nacreous blister pearl.

Sutas Pearl
Sutas Pearl

According to the grandson of the diver, Sutas, after owning the giant pearl, our fortune and good days started.

Sutas Pearl
Sutas Pearl

The name of the grandson of the diver sutas is Muneeb. He has told us this story ten years ago.

That’s why I decided to name what is maybe the world's largest nacreous blister pearl the Sutas pearl.

So, Sutas, the diver's name remains forever as a memory in human history.

Submitted by Rasool Ali, Kingdom of Bahrain

Carats: 1,240.29 carats
Dimensions: 80.64mm X 60.41mm X 38.85mm
Shape: Baroque
Color: Cream

Umit, Sutas, Elisabeth, Kari viewing the Sutas Pearl

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