Leslie's Purple Pearl Update

by Leslie Brock

Leslie Brock's Rare Purple Pearl Find

Leslie Brock's Rare Purple Pearl Find

Hi everyone, The pearl is beautiful as you probably have seen. We are still waiting for some phone calls on it as a lot of people were on vacation during the holidays. I still can't believe all of this. It is so pretty.

My family was born in Gloucester, MA and my Dad went claming a lot. I wish he were alive today to see this.

Anyway I will try to keep you posted. It's also a 6 mm pearl perfectly round.

It came out of a middleneck clam.

Thanks for writing, I have attached a picture. Leslie

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Mar 09, 2013
What ver happened with the pearl
by: Michelle

I am wondering whatever Happened with your Pearl . I also found a pearl in a Clam last night at Bonefish Mac's in Wellington fl. I see you live or lived in Royal Palm beach which is the next town over from me.

Jan 04, 2008
pearl prices
by: erica

ive been following a few different pearl pages. i think that the pearls on this page are exquisite and are worth so much more than the current offers. i noticed on this page months earlier that a man cory was offered up to $5000 for his pearl site un seen. i want to give caution to these pearl owners not to jump on an offer to quickly because of the fact they are rare.

Jan 03, 2008
What someone is paying for Natural Purple Pearls
by: Kari


I talked with a fellow today who pays about $200/carat for natural purple or lavender pearls.

These natural pearls are most often sold by weight and other characteristics also count, like shape, condition, color, size.

There are maybe other markets as well, but that is at last one practical price point to think about.


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