Lombok, Indonesia - Pearl Destination

Lombok, Indonesia - Pearl Destination

Enjoy this pearl business video.

Lombok is one of the beautiful islands located in West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. Famous for its high-quality pearls, many locals have created jewelry businesses to sell their handmade accessories to tourists.

One pearl jewelry artistan is 26-year-old Mohamad Rozi. Together with four of his family members, he set up this jewelry business to meet the market demand in his area.

Mohamad Rozi, Pearl-Jewelry Artisan:
“Production depends on the market. During peak seasons, we prepare more human resources, 5 to 6 persons. We can produce about 10, 15 to 30 items a day.”

Rozi has been able to pay his university tuition by himself from the income of his pearl jewelry business.

The raw materials he uses mainly come from Lombok, but he also buys from the Ambon and Bima region.

His pearl jewelry art includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Every piece is made from either fresh water pearls or salt water pearls, with prices ranging between 5 to 1000 US Dollars. Fresh water pearls are usually cheaper than salt-water pearls, says Rozi.

The Lombok Sumbawa Pearl Festival began just last year by the local government to boost the economy of Lombok. Organizers hope to bring in tourists from abroad to make Lombok an even more popular tourist destination.


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