Love Pearl

by Hawk Owl and Coyote Dog
(La Habra, CA, USA)

My new boyfriend and I were enjoying a wonderful evening together after a long day. We got together kind of by fate. A friend invited me to a Beltane Celebration, and as was the tradition, we all took turns jumping the Beltane fire. He was the last one I jumped with, so we ended up sitting next to each other by the fire. It was a magical night...shooting star, an owl flew right over us, just magic. We try to listen to our friends and family who say take it slow, but the magic won't stop!

The day I found the pearl, we had gone to a local Chinese market and he suggested we pick up a couple oysters. Just two. We sat out under the gazebo, enjoying our fresh Chinese dinner, and as I ate the oyster, I kept feeling what I thought was grit. I pulled it out of my mouth and voilà! A pearl! Small and dainty, but magical indeed. Who says you can't find a pearl in an oyster? The same ones who say there is no such thing as love at first sight, and you should always take things slow...

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May 27, 2013
Love the story
by: Kari

Hi, Love the story of how you met and how you found the pearl. I hope things are going well for you both after such a magical beginning and after finding a special pearl. What have you done with your pearl? Did you make a special ring? Or just keep it in a cute little box as a memento. I hope you have kept better track of yours than I did with a small pearl I found years ago. They seem to be quite easy to misplace. Thanks for sharing!

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