Lucky Find String of Pearls

by Nell

I purchased this string of pearls for two dollars at a thrift store in a senior center. I can tell that the clasp is real gold but have no idea what kind of pearls they are. If they are real and if so what is their worth?


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Sep 03, 2010
how to tell if its real
by: jazlovestoskate

if your still on thise site, an easy way to tell if a pearl is real is to scrath it lightly with your teeth, a real pearl will feel like your scratching glass/sand and will make a scratching sound, a fake pearl will usually be made of plastic or glass and the coating used to make it look like a real pearl will come off. i cant tell you how to find out what kind of pearl it is,but the above hint will let you know if its real or not

Nov 03, 2009
More details
by: Kari

Hi Nell,

It would be unusual to put a real gold clasp on a string of fake pearls, unless, of course, they were a name brand or high quality.

More details would be needed before anyone could answer your question about kind or worth. Is there someone nearby you or a trusted jeweler who could take a look at them for you?

At any rate, the gold clasp, if it is real gold, would be worth far above your $2 rejoice in that alone.

Thanks for sharing.

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