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by: Bill Warren

present to you a synopsis detailing me hosting a shipwreck treasure series in the Philippines about the world's richest shipwrecks known as the great Manila galleons. We have 4 locations in Eastern Philippines. These treasure ships shake with at least 500 million dollars to over 2 billion dollars. They travelled only from Manila Philippines to Acapulco Mexico for 250 years and they were the largest treasure ships the Spanish ever had. The outward bound ships carried up to 500000 pieces of ming dynasty porcelain & gems of every sort. The homeward bound 2 ships carried up to 5 million silver and gold Spanish coins and thousands of gold and silver bars. 73 of these magnificant ships sank; mostly in water less than 50 feet deep. We have the names of each ship in the year that they sank the approximate or exact location and how they sank. We have government permission. As for me I am a published author, expert commercial diver, qualified archaeologist and researcher, owner of an exotic deserted island in the Caribbean, and much more. You might want to Google me.

If you don't believe me about the value of these ships I can send you now photos of ming dynasty porcelain and even earlier pieces which have sold at auction for tens of millions of Dollars each piece.

Three production companies in America have proposed to me they would produce a series but I don't like what they're offering. They infact produce for Discovery channel History channel and other major networks. Look now at our attachments and know that we're quite serious.


Bill Warren
Golden quest Ltd
What shop phone number +380666978696

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