Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson, photographer for KariPearls.

Matt & Courtney Cutting their Wedding Cake with an Ax!

Matt helped launch my website with his photographs and his help is valued in picking out pearls...he knows a lovely pearl when he sees it.

Matt's eye for artistic quality started early in life. Even as a youngster he painted gorgeous watercolors that adorn our walls. Colors flow from form to form with grace.

His individualistic thinking sets him apart from the crowd and he's probably the best of all of us who can sit cross-legged on an Asian floor, eat with chopsticks and keep up lively conversation at the same time....his quick wit often initiating roars of laughter.

Matt's height, normal for the USA at 6' received looks of awe in Japan...I felt very protected traveling with Sam and Matt.

Matt can make our piano bounce with vibrations of his original songs and bass voice. Presently he teaching himself to weld and has fixed numerous things around our farm.

Ummmm.....he's pretty scary to play chess with too....better brush up before sitting in front of a chess board with Matt Anderson.

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