Mermaid pendant with Natural Pearls, 1570-1580

Mermaid pendant with Natural Pearls, 1570-1580

Mermaid pendant with Natural Pearls, 1570-1580

Upon the death of her brother Giangastone, Anna Maria Luisa de ' Medici remained the last descendant of the dynasty and found herself managing the immense family heritage, including the ′′ jeweled galanteries ′′ of her illustrious ancestors and the precious personal jewels, donated by her husband, The Palatine Elector.

The Electress, by her will, with the Family Pact, signed in Vienna on October 31, 1737, wanted the most precious and representative jewels of the Crown of Tuscany, to remain forever in Florence.
One of these precious jewels is the beautiful pendant with enameled gold mermaid and precious stones, preserved at the Treasure of the Grand Dukes in Palazzo Pitti, along with the other ′′ joys ′′ of the Medici family.
A large scaramazza pearl forms the mermaid bust; the face and the body are enameled with white, the head is framed with blonde curls; three rows of green and white enamel flakes drop below the waist with nestled rubies. The tail is enameled with white gold with a row of rubies cut at the table, alternating with diamonds and ends with a green nail polish fin with a large ruby.
The mermaid carries a rayed scepter with a sun consisting of a large cabochon ruby engraved and with his left arm holds a golden hourglass with two pearls.
The figure is suspended through two gold chains decorated with rosettes with rubies, combined above by a large enameled cartoon with a square ruby and a pearl.
Mermaid pendant, 1570-1580, Flemish gold, enameled gold, seven pearls, five diamonds, twenty-six rubies of which one engraved cabochon, Grand Dukes Treasure, Pitti Palace.

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