Merry winery

Merry winery

Merry winery

Merry winery, probably Frankfurt am Main, 1st Quarter of the 18th Century. Baroque pearls, gold, enamel, silver, partially gilt, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphire, amethyst, carnelian, glass. H 8.8 cm, W 6.8 cm, D 4.9 cm. VI 100. Green Vault. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

The apparently slightly drunk wine, holding two clusters of amethyst and carnelian in the right hand, catching up with the sickle from far to cut more fruit. At the same moment makes himself, unnoticed by him, a curious cat to the well-filled basket on his back approach. Five baroque pearls forming body, arms and legs of the winemaker, who also wears a cap from an irregularly shaped, flat pearl formations on the head. The green and blue striped skirt and the stockings, combined with diamonds, remember to also acquired by the Frankfurt merchant Guillaume Verbecq Koch (VI, 88). However, in contrast to those very grotesque-conceived character of the wine represents a much less dramatic presentation.Even the figure of the rectangular base, which determines the cooking as in many other Perlpretiosen Verbecq of the face side is missing. Instead, it is applied to more visibility, because only by turning the piece opens up the list of the cheeky cat, secretly plundering the basket. With great care, the fine mesh of the basket is made, allowing glimpses of the therein, green enameled vine leaves.

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