Mexican pearlas??

by Allan Sweeney
(London UK)

Cultured pink pearl purchased in Mexico - Buyer told it was natural - Buyer Beware!

Cultured pink pearl purchased in Mexico - Buyer told it was natural - Buyer Beware!

5 years ago, in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, I found shops selling pink pearl necklaces. Local Pacific Ocean fishermen divers, I was told, found the pearls and made the necklaces. Last month I returned, to find all shops said there were none available. Fishermen had not found any pink pearls for about two years. I searched all the local shops, and eventually found one shop with a few pink pearl necklaces in the back. As they looked gorgeous I bought them for gifts.

Then, seeing your website I thought, gosh, if these really were found by local fishermen, and are natural saltwater pearls, and the source has 'dried up', perhaps they could be valuable?

How do I check if these are genuine natural saltwater pearls?

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Apr 27, 2021
Thanks for the question
by: Kari

Thanks for asking the question. You can send the pearls to a lab. In the USA, GIA is a good option. They can tell you if they are cultured (probably) or natural.

My daughter, also bought a pink pearl in Mexico that was supposedly found locally and was supposed to be natural. The sellers were trying to be convincing of this.

I sent it to GIA and it came back as cultured pearl.

So, it is something to be careful about. Not everyone can be believed. Unfortunately, not all are honest.

But, hopefully you didn't pay too much and you can still enjoy the pearls!

God bless,

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