Mikimoto Pearl Studded Gown

Mikimoto Pearl Studded Gown worth almost $500,000!

Not a dress world champion figure skater Miki Ando would wear on the ice.

Worth almost half-a-million U.S. dollars and studded with more than 13 thousand pearls, the wedding dress was created by Japanese designer, Yumi Katsura.

And Ando all but glided into the bridal experience.

Miki Ando, World Champion Figure Skater:
"I feel as though it's my real wedding day."

Made with premier Mikimoto pearls, the dress is not for sale.

And all those gems make it about twice as heavy as a regular wedding gown.

Miki Ando, World Champion Figure Skater:
"It's very heavy, which makes me sense the weight of the determination, honesty and love that people would devote to their weddings."

Katsura believes the high quality pearls help send a positive message about her country, which has suffered since a 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Yumi Katsura, Japanese Fashion Designer:
"I have long wished that I can somehow show the world the beauty of Japan at this difficult time for the country."

See video of Mikimoto pearl studded gown.

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