Mikimoto Pearls Blue Lagoon

Are Mikimoto pearls Blue Lagoon real brand name pearls? Where can you find them? What do they cost?

White baroque pearls

Pearls in Water (not Blue Lagoon)

Here is the story of my discovery of Mikimoto Pearls Blue Lagoon at Sam's Club , named for Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, makes one feel at home as it is a buying club, and a division of Wal-Mart.

Sam's is situated in a large warehouse, which carries everything from strawberries to computers...and almost everything else in between, with several locations.

A "not-so-big" annual fee is charged for the privilege to shop there. (I think only $30 or $35.) Also, you may view the store as a guest, which is what I did.

Sometime back, while there, picking up 3,200 bottles of bottled water to give out in the 4th of July parade...

(Did you know that a pallet of these bottles can tip over? a "not so pleasant experience" if it's on the back of your pickup in busy traffic...but all was resolved, without even one broken bottle.)

Anyway, while at Sam's club, I visited the jewelry counter and was very surprised to see that all the pearls there were Blue Lagoon--a division of Mikimoto!

Something one usually doesn't expect when in a warehouse type building.

They are gorgeous Mikimoto cultured pearls and if you want to view pearls of very high, excellent quality I recommend you visit the nearest Sam's club to see them.

Locations can be found on their website.

At present, today, when I called our local Sam's club they have three Blue Lagoon necklaces available.

Just for interest sake, I will list the prices and descriptions here...but I'm not selling Blue Lagoon necklaces....this is just for your research.

1. 18" 6-6.5mm Akoya Blue Lagoon pearl necklace: $532.00

2. 28" 6 1/2-7 mm Akoya Blue Lagoon pearl necklace: $786.00

3. Double strand 18" 5 1/2-6mm Blue Lagoon Freshwater pearl necklace: $347.00

This information is provided to aid you in your research of Mikimoto Blue Lagoon Pearls and to learn the value of Mikimoto pearls.

If anyone wants to learn about pearls it's a good idea to look at the best...and then compare the rest. And I think the world would all agree that Mikimoto cultured pearl necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings are the BEST.

If you enjoyed my search for Mikimoto Pearls Blue Lagoon, you will enjoy reading about the person, Mikimoto, too.

Search here.


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