Mikimoto three strand necklace

by Julia
(Aurora, Colorado)

When my grandmother passed away at 102 yrs old, I was the one in charge of closing down her house.

My dad had been in the Air Force and was able to take her many places. On one of her trips to meet him in the orient she purchased a three strand set of white Mikimoto Pearls, or Akoya pearls sold by the Mikimoto Co.

Apparently they broke at some point and she put them away, I'm sure meaning to get them repaired. I found this broken set of beautiful pearls and decided to restring them.

To my amazement they were Mikimoto Pearls! What a find!, and no one else wanted them because they were broken-imagine that!

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May 29, 2008
Awesome Find
by: Gaela

I am very happy for you! What an awesome thing to happen. For some reason, I think that there are "pearl" people, like us~we are in awe of these incredible beauties, a gift from God and come from the sea. I'm also a mermaid fan. Then there are other ones that just don't ponder things as we do. No better or worse, just different. I would love to see a photo as well.

Apr 15, 2008
Yes, a find!
by: Kari

Hi Julie,

Yes, that would be quite a find! Lucky you. Tell us about your restringing efforts, if you do it yourself, and I'll send you a free strand of oval cultured freshwater pearls. See how to knot pearls.

I'm also going to start offering a re-knotting service if you care to have them done by someone else. You can contact me here if that interests you.

Thanks for sharing. We'd love to see a photo.

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