What is the Mikkimoto pearls trademark? (Mikimoto)

How can you know for sure if you have genuine Mikkimoto pearls?

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So...you've inherited some gorgeous pearls and always heard that they were genuine Mikimoto pearls...but now you want to be sure?

Are your grandmother's pearls really Mikimoto? There's one sure way to find out.

Look for the trademark...the Mikimoto marking.

The trademark or Mikimoto marking is an oyster shell with a "M" inside.

(Photo of company trademark removed on request by the company.)

Here's where you can find the trademark on the following type pieces.

Necklace and bracelets: On back of clasp.

Earrings: On post, earring nuts and back of earrings.

Rings: On inside of shank.

Pendants: On the back of the bail.

Brooches: On the underside of brooch.

This specific tradmark or Mikimoto marking authenticates a piece as officially Mikimoto.

Also now on Mikimoto necklaces there is a small "M" attached somewhere between the pearls.

Be sure to always keep the official clasp for this varification. Without the original clasp it's difficult to do an appraisal.

To get an appraisal (which costs a nominal fee), it's necessary to bring the piece to a Mikimoto store. See Store locations here.

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