Miss Porters Purple Quahog Pearl 18 carats

Miss Porters Purple Quahog Pearl

Miss Porters Purple Quahog Pearl

Type of pearl: Quahog

Weight: 18.91 Carats

Shape: Button Shaped

Size: 14.97 x 11.14 mm

Color: Pinkish, Purple and White

Location of Origin: Delaware

Certificate: GIA USA

Price: No longer available.

“Miss Porters Purple Quahog Pearl” was given to my mother by a Delaware Waterman in the 1940s. He must have liked her because he gave her 2 of them; she gave the other to a girlfriend.

This pearl is a large quahog purple pearl and it is larger than the big pearl in Alan Golash’s Victorian era brooch. Such lilac to purple shades of color are the rarest and most desirable colors in quahog pearls.

It keeps getting rarer and rarer and rarer. If you put all the factors together - its size, shape, color and eye effect, each adding increasing rarity - it is an extremely rare creation. It's one of a kind.

R.V. “JennyBird” Porter

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