Mississippi River Pearl Ring

Mississippi River Pearl Ring

Mississippi River Pearl Ring

This gorgeous pearl ring contains a pearl found in the Mississippi River near Muscatine, Iowa. During the hay days of clamming many folks found pearls. The best ones were brought to the local jeweler who put them into rings. These are cherished keepsakes for the local people of Muscatine.

This belongs to the wife of the last commercial fisherman here in Muscatine. It was an interesting morning going out with him on his boat to check his nets.

Local pearls can be viewed in our Button Museum which is on main street. It's a wonderful museum filled with antique button making equipment and loads of information. There's even a clamming boat and video presentations.

Upstairs in the museum is history and mementos of other successful local businesses.

Clamming is no longer allowed here on the Mississippi River, but you are allowed to remove a few clams if you have fishing license. Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and find a pearl as nice as this one!

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