Muscatine's Pearl Button Museum is promoting a clean water initiative

by by Andrea Grubaugh

by Andrea Grubaugh

by Andrea Grubaugh

“We’re kind of going toward a clean water initiative, so we’re trying to promote getting the mussel to grow back into the Mississippi River," said Angie Weikert, the office manager at the Pearl Button Museum.

The giant fish in the window display represent both how mussels rely on fish to reproduce and how the museum is currently working with Fairport Fish Hatchery to start growing mussels in the river again. According to Weikert, one adult mussel cleans 10 to 15 gallons of water a day.

“The mussels, especially, are important to our environment and for keeping our waters clean,” Baker said. “Bringing them back into the scene could help things go back to the way they were years ago before the button industry kind of wiped things out.”

Baker thanked her co-workers, Museum Director Terry Eagle and Weikert, for their support. “Terry and Angie have been awesome people, so to me this is kind of a tribute to them for being such good bosses. They’re very passionate about the pearl button industry and have taught me a lot, just listening to Terry give tours and talk to people. It’s been fun working with both of them.”

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