My First Two Strings of Pearls

by Lyle Hylen

Hi Kari,

You are correct. If it is a skill, it takes practice. My first string of pearls was really spacey. By the time I got to the sixtieth of sixty -nine pearls they began to look almost tight and evenly spaced. That was when I began to understand your wisdom of sending me three silk threads and the comment about practice. One mistake and the sting is ruined. The knot cannot be untied -- I tried.
I have had hobbies and been a "do-it-myself " guy my whole life. I love the saying that goes "An amateur practices until he can do it right, A professional practices until he cannot do it wrong." I am now somewhere in between those to extremes.
I was able to develop a technique that worked well for me. The second string of pearls (same pearls of course) was passable except for the two not-knotted spots. My trick is to pull the two threads apart to take the knot back to the pearl with out pulling it tight. Then I slide down the next pearl into place and pull it hard against the knot to set the knot. This worked great except for the two times that I pulled a second pearl down and pulled two pearls together without a knot.
Because I missed those two knot, I will be making my third string pearls next week -- after I have had a long rest.
Thank you for all the help and instruction. I now have a new skill which I will probably completely forget by the time I want to use it again.
Lyle Hylen

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Nov 28, 2009
Wire of needle
by: Lyle

Kari, I used the wire for one or two pearls and found it to easily bent out of shape. It took me a while to discover the rather large eye in the needle and I used the needle ever after.

Nov 28, 2009
Sounds good!
by: Kari

Hello Lyle,

Thanks for sharing your knotting adventures with us. From the sounds of it, I think you've done a pretty good job. Maybe you should keep up the practice and try some more necklaces. You'll soon become an expert!

Which did you like better, the needle or wire?

I'm glad I could help you out with some silk thread to get you started. Let me know if you need any more!

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