My friend found a pearl in oysters from H.E.B

by Richard Alvarado
(Del Rio,Texas)

Well I have a friend who loves to eat oyster. Well today he went to buy some at H.E.B and he went home got them ready and starting eating them till he bit on something hard. He thought it was his tongue ring but when he spit it out it was a pearl...little about the size of a tongue ring but he doesn't know if it worth anything or if its real. How can we find out????

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May 21, 2009
Found pearls
by: Anonymous

My husband and I found three pearls and want to find where do we go for an appraisal. Please help! We live in Houston tx.urn

Apr 17, 2009
Hi Richard
by: Kari

Hi, If you found what looks like a pearl in an oyster, it most likely is a pearl. As far as knowing the value only an expert could tell you that after examining it in person. Most pearls found in oysters are not gem quality pearls, so usually are not valuable, but it is still neat to own a natural pearl, no matter what the economic value is. I suggest having a trusted jeweler look at it. Here are two people who appraise natural pearls.

David Bidwell in New York
(212) 730-7380 Ext. 215

Gina Latandresse in Tennessee

Richard, thank you for sharing. I love hearing about finding pearls!

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