My Gorgeous Peach Colored Pearl

by savannah

My Gorgeous Peach Colored Pearl

My Gorgeous Peach Colored Pearl

One time I did not find it but my grandma gave us these clams or something so we could open them. My sister found a beautiful white pearl and I found a gorgeous peach colored pearl that is now in a pretty silver necklace. I love pearls! Especially the freshwater ones.

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Feb 16, 2012
Wish pearls are cultured pearls
by: Kari

Savannah's pearl is a cultured pearl from a "Wish" oyster. True, it is not a natural pearl found randomly in a wild oyster, but a cultured pearl from a real oyster, making it not a fake, but a cultured pearl. I don't specify listing only natural pearls, so I am happy to also hear about these types of pearls "found" by buying the oyster known to already have a pearl inside. Basically, all pearls are special, right?

Feb 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is fake. :/

Take a look at this link:

'Savannah' didn't find a pearl after all, but the necklace was bought from argos for 30 pounds.

I know because I got one as a gift from my mum at christmas.

May 09, 2009
Great pendant
by: Kari

Hi Savannah,

I love your pearl pendant. It's a great way to enjoy and display your pearl both at the same time.

You are fortunate to have a grandma who wanted you to find a pearl.

Thanks for adding the photo. I was able to rotate it for you. It's so much more fun when we get to see a picture of the pearl someone is talking about here on these fun "found a pearl" pages.

Thanks for sharing, Savannah!

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