my pearly oyster blister pearl

Oyster Blister Pearl?

Oyster Blister Pearl?

I found this seashell as i was walking along the beach. I picked it up as you rarely find these sort of shells as a whole. As i looked inside (unfortunately i split in two), cleaned it up and saw, what appears to me a lump attached to the inside of the shell that i thought to be a pearl. I have tried to look it up to identify it, but, i am getting nowhere, could you tell me if it is just a common thing or if it is a formation of a pearl?

Anyway, it is sitting pretty on my bathroom shelf, and makes for an interesting original piece of natural art! Also are you able to tell me how to preserve it as its looking rather dry and looks if it could deteriorate.

Many thanks.

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Mar 09, 2013
blister pearl
by: Kari

Hi, Yes, I would say it appears that you have found an oyster blister pearl. I'm glad you have been able to enjoy it. Pearls need moisture, so just being in the bathroom should help with that. Often in cases of pearls in jewelry stores there will be placed small glasses of water to keep the air humid and help the pearls not to dry out. Maybe you could keep some water in the shell with the pearl while its on display.

Thanks for sharing.

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