Natural Pearl Collection in Doha

Natural Pearl Collection in Doha

As part of the Doha Jewellery and Watches exhibition taking place this week at the Doha Exhibition Centre, an exquisite selection of Hussein al-Fardan’s incredible personal pearl collection is being shown at the Alfardan Jewellery Stand.

Under the title ‘Al Tawash,’ which translates roughly as an ancient pearl merchant, the collection of almost 100 pieces contains a range of natural pearls in various styles and set in different accessories.

Waterfront Oyster Pearl Sculpture, Doha Bay, Doha, Qatar, Middle East

Waterfront Oyster Pearl Sculpture, Doha Bay, Doha, Qatar, Middle East

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Some of the items, including a particularly stunning Maharaja Pin, were displayed as part of an exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art last year.
Their participation in such an exhibition is an indication of the historical significance of many of the items, especially in a country which reveres the tradition of pearl-diving more highly than most others.
Nour al-Fardan showed Gulf Times around her grandfather’s collection, pointing out the high quality craftsmanship involved in the pieces noting that such work is “very hard to find.”

The collection includes a wide selection of rings, earrings, necklaces and other accessories, all of which are presented beautifully, providing a clear indication as to why the pearl is so highly sought after in the region and the rest of the world.

Another standout piece is a bridal headdress, also known as a Gubgub, which includes a small round section to be placed atop the head, as well as lines of pearls hanging down to shoulder-length. The piece is magnificent, but by no means alone in its beauty.In the next case, a six-track necklace of natural pearls provides another highlight of the collection.

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