Natural Pearl from Burma

by Kate

Natural Pearl from Burma  (more photos below)

Natural Pearl from Burma (more photos below)

Hello everyone,

I'm not good in English. I use Google translation help. This is the Story.

14-15 years ago, a male Burmese traveled from Burma, to visit my father at our home. He brought "Natural Pearl" to trade with. My father saw it much less interesting. But my mother loves it. My mother decided to buy them. And Burmese sold them to my mother, the price is not expensive.

At that time, my family did not know the true value of them. Because we had no knowledge at first, many of them I have sold to others at the price not too expensive.

4-5 years ago, my family just knows the true value of them. My mother and I decided to break it, just one. It is not pretty as other pieces. We saw the layers of nacre, its similar onion cleaves. So we are sure it is genuine, Natural Pearl.

Now I sent you these images. I scale the size of them. They are larger than 5 mm, size range 6 to 9 mm, or more. They are the Natural Pearl from Burma. Look at it. You can see the shiny, overtones of the various colors of the rainbow. Some pieces, you’ll see the rainbow on the pearl.

Thank you.


PS. - This is my Cousin’s letter.

Burma Pearls

Burma Pearls

Burma Pearls

Burma Pearls

Burma Pearls

Burma Pearls

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Apr 04, 2017
Hi Burma Pearls
by: Amit Srivastava

I am interested in buying the pearl if they are absolutely natural.kindly get in touch with me.

Apr 01, 2009
GIA certificates
by: Kari

Hello Dara,

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pearl photo and story with us. It's always a treat to get such nice things at good prices as you said they were not expensive when purchased.

I also think that getting GIA certificates for these is a good idea. Having them certified will help you get a price worthy of them and also give confidence to potential buyers.

Here is a link to the GIA website to get you started if you decide to get them certified.

If you want to add more photos to this page you can email them to me at karipearls(at)gmail(dot)com and I can easily add them for you.

Thanks again.

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