Natural Pearl from Java Island

by Hani Buntari
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

A man who likes to find fish and crabs in the river found this thing about 3 months ago. This man sold this pearl to KH. Marzuki, a famous religious leader in East Java, Indonesia.

It used to be closed, and Mr. Marzuki opened the claps.

It is big natural pearl and looked old too.

I want to know if it is worth something. If it is, we want to sell it.

The colour is more blue, green, white.

We can look into the pearl... and see our face.

The diameter is about 20 mm.



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Apr 30, 2009
Nice freshwater pearl
by: Kari


I would, yes, your pearl has value. It's large, round and must be lustrous if you can see your face in it.

Getting it certified with GIA would greatly enhance your chances of selling it for a good price. Click here for the GIA website. (A new window will open on your computer.) GIA won't put a value on it but will verify that it is a natural freshwater pearl.

Here are 2 people here in the USA that I recommend for getting natural pearl value appraisals:
David Bidwell in New York (212) 730-7380 Ext. 215 Gina Latandresse in Tennessee 615-298-4111

I think it's neat that you still have the shell too. Seeing the shell a pearl is found in interests me and I'm sure other people as well.

I appreciate you sharing about your pearl.

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