Natural Pearl Jewels at Auction

Natural pearl jewels at auction

Among the selection of natural pearl jewels offered is a necklace of saltwater natural pearls boasting 16 matching button-shaped pearls of impressive size. Assembling such a finely-matched selection of natural pearls of this size and quality is rare and likely took decades, the auction house said. Estimate: $1.6 million to $2.25 million.

It wouldn't be a Hong Kong auction without a strong selection of important jadeite. This sale is led by, "Three Friends of Winter," a jadeite pendant necklace featuring a carved jadeite plaque that provides a rare balance of color, texture and translucency, the auction house said. Estimate: $2 million - $3 million.

Jewels by Harry Winston will be prominent in the sale. Leading the selection is an emerald and diamond brooch, originally purchased by a Texas oil-man and personal client to Mr. Winston who called upon the jeweler for a significant gemstone. Mr. Winston offered the man and his wife a choice: The 68.90 carat emerald or a 69.42 carat pear-shaped diamond. The wife chose the emerald, and the diamond went on to be acquired by Elizabeth Taylor and subsequently known as Taylor-Burton Diamond. For the emerald, Mr. Winston had his legendary designer, Ambaji Shinde, create the jewel. Auction estimate: $2 million - $3 million.

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See photo of natural pearl jewels at auction.

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