Natural Pearl Sculpture Breeding Swan

Natural Pearl Sculpture Breeding swan

Natural Pearl Sculpture Breeding swan

Natural Pearl Sculpture - Breeding swan; emblem of the county Stormann, probably Copenhagen to 1700-1705. Baroque pearl, small pearls, gold, enamel, rubies, diamonds. 4.2 x 7.5 x 5.0 cm. VI 83 g. Green Vault. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

August the Strong had the largest collection of Perlfiguren, which sheds light on the particular fondness that monarch for those intimate testimonies of fine jewelery. With a total of 57 Perlpretiosen the Green Vault, therefore, has still the most comprehensive inventory of this kind, the attribution of Perlfiguren to certain goldsmiths is often difficult, as in the case of the "brooding swan", which first performed in a specification in 1706 will. This lists a number of gems that have been spent, given the massive threat posed by the Swedish Army in the Great Northern War to pledge to Hamburg in 1714 and only re-triggered. The White Swan early on in the collection of Augustus the Strong valuables is thus detectable reveals himself through the golden crown around the neck as the emblem of the then Kingdom of Denmark to the corresponding county Stormarn. A very similar Perlfigur (Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen) was owned by Princess Charlotte Amalie, the daughter of King Frederik IV of Denmark. It is possible that at Dresdner preciousnesses to an ingenious gift Frederik to his cousin and ally Augustus the Strong, where it went to the kingdom during the Northern War and the tighter integration of Holstein parts of the country.

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