Natural Pearl Sculpture - Little Lion

Natural Pearl Sculpture - Little Lion

Natural Pearl Sculpture - Little Lion

Little Lion, probably Dresden, before 1706. Baroque pearl, gold. H 2.5 cm. Green Vault, VI 127 © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

The lying lion was originally on a black and white bordered wooden post, as can be seen from the inventory entry of 1725. The overgrown pearl, which is characterized by a yellowish-gray shimmer, forms the trunk and head of the animal. His fore and hind legs as well as the abdomen are made of cast gold, which has subsequently received the character of a coat by means of fine incisions. As a separate casting, the mane of the lion, which is like a cap over the pearly head of the animal is slipped. In the hollows of the pearl formerly small diamonds should have been used to designate the eyes. Similarly, the head of a monkey's pear-shaped figurine is designed (Florence, Museo degli Argenti, Inv.No.2551), whose mouth and nostrils are filled with black enamel.

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