Natural Pearl Sea Elephant with Cupid

Natural Pearl Sea Elephant with Cupid

Natural Pearl Sea Elephant with Cupid

Sea Elephant with Cupid, probably Frankfurt, early 18th Century. Baroque pearls, gold, enamel, silver, gold, diamonds, rubies. H 8.5 cm, W 5.6 cm, D 3.9 cm. Green Vault, VI 81 d. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

Skillfully balancing the small Amorknabe prone on the fish-tailed and equipped with small fins elephant.Naughty stretched armed with a quiver full of arrows and a bow love God the viewer perlenes his rump against while gripping stop looking for the trunk of the sea being. More baroque pearls forming head, chest and back of the mythical creature, significantly referred to as "sea monster" in the inventory. In the front of the covered with finely chiselled ornaments a base enamel plaque with the ride of Neptune and his bride Amphitrite is used across the sea. The design follows a composition by the French court painter Simon Vouet, who found through reproduction engravings, about Michel Dorigny, distribution and was often depicted in enamel painting this time. Outlined in the painting emphasized the work differs significantly from some enamels on similar, acquired by Verbecq bases (cf. VI, 23). This can be understood as a reference for the production of labor organized this expansive bulbous pedestals, the goldsmiths of the relative enamellers the painted plaques. The Perlpretiose, which is the counterpart to the lake Unicorn (VI, 81 f), represents the element of water, which is given expression in various ways: by the sea-elephant, by Neptune, the conqueror of the seas, and not least by the beads as fascinating maritime treasures. At the same time you will have with the sensual and the small wings of Cupid painting executed in fine wedding procession across the sea to understand this imaginative, very intimate treasure chamber piece as a symbol of love.


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