Natural Pearl Siren with a red fish tail

Siren with a red fish tail

Siren with a red fish tail

Siren with a red fish tail, probably Germany, before 1725. Baroque pearl, small pearl, silver, cold painted, red mass, painted, gilded brass, diamonds. H 8,7 cm. Green Vault, VI 152. © Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

The "Sirenne holds in its hand a red fish tail" is fundamentally different from most of the Dresdner Perlfiguren. The shape of the gilded brass base and the use of a reddish-brown "mass" connect it with the miracle of the sea (Cat.No.45). Both figures are characterized by a comparatively rough processing. In place of the elaborate enamel decoration whose luminosity and color intensity otherwise largely determines the appearance of the perlpretioses, the cold painting occurs in both figures. The inadequate condition of the siren is due to the poorer durability of this color version and also the mass. In the spontaneity of the creative process lies the charm of this work reminiscent of a "bozzetto".

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