Natural Pearls are not just for jewelry

And this lying camel, made before 1706.

And this lying camel, made before 1706.

Natural Pearls are not just for jewelry.

These objets d'art reside at the Green Vault Museum in Dresden Castle which houses one of the largest collections of treasure in Europe, with its spectacular baroque chambers.

The Dresden Vault came about in the early 18th century, when Augustus the Strong, ruler of Saxony, worked to establish Dresden as a major center for the arts, inviting talented sculptors, goldsmiths and painters to take up residence. He commissioned a series of magnificent rooms to showcase his valuables as a way of advertising the city’s cultural prominence in addition to its wealth.

The result was the Green Vault, the first public museum in Europe.

The Green Vault Museum received lots of publicity from a heist that took place in 2019. Some of the items have been recovered but not all.

I have not visited the Green Vault Museum yet, but I certainly hope to do so someday.

This beauty is a Sea Dragon and is housed in the British Museum in London as part of the Waddesdon Bequest.
I took this photograph and fell in love that day with huge baroque natural pearls!

More pearl sculptures Pinterest board for Pearl Figurines - Perlfiguren

So, if or when you find a lovely natural baroque oversized pearl that too big or unbecoming for a piece of jewelry...never fear, I'm sure it could be made into a lovely "Objet d'art". Maybe you could even start your own museum :)

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