Natural Persian Gulf Pearl Ring

Natural Persian Gulf Pearl Ring

Natural Persian Gulf Pearl Ring

Type of pearl: Natural Pearl

Carat Weight: 8.14 Carat

Shape: Baroque

Size: 14.21 x 10.20 x 8.38mm

Color: Light greyish-cream

Location of Origin: Bahrain

Clasp Metal Type: 18K gold

Certificate: Bahrain - Report 09-3142

Price: $6,419 SOLD!

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Ring size
by: Kari

The ring size is:
7.5 - U.S size and O - U.K size.

Ring Size
by: Anonymous

What is the rig size?

by: Anonymous

Currency is in USD, United States Dollars

For United States Postage Service USPS: jewelry; and other valuable articles may be sent only by First-Class Package International Service with Registered Mail service, so there may be an extra fee for postage depending upon how much it would cost.

Thanks for asking and for your interest in this fine Basra pearl. A pearl this size is most unusual.

Currency and shipping
by: Anonymous


What currency are the prices and do you ship to Canada please?

Thank you!

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