Natural Wild Graduated Saltwater pearl strand... in the trash?

Natural Wild Graduated Saltwater pearl strand... in the trash?

Natural Wild Graduated Saltwater pearl strand... in the trash?

Two days ago, on garbage day. I went for a walk to check the mail.
I saw a garbage bag had blown into the street.
I picked it up to put it back and avoid any mess or accidents.
A weird crown royal small drawstring bag rolled into my hand in the bag as I did obviously the heaviest thing in there.

I felt round shapes inside and thought cool some costume jewelry. My fiance sells that and if its antique like the other stuff the person who recently passed away had stashed all over the house. That the new owners keep throwing away.

So when I get home I open it and pull out a nice perfect condition strand of sterling strand of cultured pearls and I was happy enough. Good brand to, then a beautiful murano glass pendant and necklace.
So already the three items are worth hundreds of dollars and I'm thrilled.

Then at the bottom I find this out of this world. Like new antique 24 inch strand of graduated round Wild Natural Saltwater pearls. With an amazing diamond white gold clasp.

The clasp is 18k and old enough that a bit of platinum is naturally mixed in the aloy. And it is set with a 5mm old European cut centre diamond with two 3.5mm rose cut side stones.
And finally With 4, 2.5mm mine cuts.
The stones don't have any chips or wear. The rose cuts are slight pink, and one has an interesting cross shaped inclusion.

The centre euro cut is eye clean.

The clasp is approximately 20mm×10mm at the widest spot.
20mm×7mm at the thinnest. The filigree and setting work is flawless. It is over 5mm thick in most places.

The pearls are round and near round. But the biggest 9mm is the nicest and roundest. And more of the smaller ones are the off rounds.
The smallest is 3.5mm the biggest is 9mm.

All matched tone and over tones.
Graduated evenly.
99 pearls.
44 on each side with the 9mm centre.
Nice and even graduations aswell.

The pearls have beautiful luster and sheen and don't have visible signs of wear.
They have only been lightly worn.

Unusual for such and old and significant piece.

Unusual for a piece to not have a permanent home in a gallery, or museum or private collection with so much going for it.

The piece weighs 17.8grams

Let me know if its something you'd be interested in.

I plan on getting every pearl and stone GIA certification and with full appraisal and paperwork as well.

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Jun 12, 2023
Mind boggling
by: Kari

Hello Dylan,

It is so mind boggling what some people throw away and it looks like you "hit the jackpot". That's a gorgeous necklace.

Let us know what the GIA it cultured? Is it natural? It would be great to find out the results. But either way, it's a treasure and doesn't belong in the trash, right?

I once retrieved a perfectly good trombone (which my grandkids love to play) and an antique set of three huge volumes of the "Complete Works of Charles Dickens", published in 1880. They were just laying there on top of the heap. I was thrilled.

Thanks for sharing and let us know what GIA says.

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