Nice Conch Pearl

This nice conch pearl could easily be made into a lovely piece of jewelry.

1.85 carat Conch Pearls
1.85 Carat Conch Pearl

5 Conch Pearls
1.85 Carat Conch Pearls

Nice Conch Pearl

1.85 Carat Conch Pearl

Color: Dark Pink with some Flame
Shape: Oval
Weight: 1.85 carats
Size: 8.5mm x 5.5mm x 4mm


The pearls are generally found embedded in the flesh of the mollusk; quite often they are in a sac or cyst with an external opening form which they are sometimes dislodged by the muscular movement of the animal. The yield is small, a thousand shells in many cases yielding only a very small number of seed-pearls or perhaps none at all. Most of them are oval, commonly somewhat elongated. The usual size is about one grain in weight, but some of them weigh over twenty, and a very few exceed fifty grains each.

These pearls are generally of a deep pink color, shading toward whitish pink at each end. While this is the usual color, yellow, white, red, and even brown conch pearls are occasionally obtained; these are not so highly prized as the pink ones.

Conch pearls present a peculiar wavy appearance and a sheen somewhat like watered silk, a result of the reflections produced by the fibrous stellated structure. While many are beautifully lustrous, they are commonly deficient in orient, and the color is somewhat evanescent.

Information from Kunz's 1908 book of pearls.

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