Noah's Flood Pearls

by K. Duane Erickson
(Evanston, WY, USA)

Fossilized Pearls from Wyoming

Fossilized Pearls from Wyoming

A while back, a young oil or gas line worker spotted something shining in the early morning Sagebrush. He picked it up, and noticed two others glistening. He pick them up.

This was on a flat topped Mesa in Wyoming, USA and it is about 7100 feet above sea level.

There are hundreds of these Mesa's in Wyoming and Utah and many of them have fossils on top of underwater critters. One Mesa near by was given the name by the Wagon Train party, as Oyster Mesa, and it still carries the name today.

My son Seth working on a Flat Topped Mesa at 7138 feet above sea level and above our home discovered a fossilized human finger.

The Flat-Topped Mesa's around this elevation, found all around the world are a product of an ancient body of water. A body of water, for the more part, covered the planet.

According to scripture, there was a worldwide flood at around 2248 BC, not millions of years ago. It has been taught that it baptized the earth, meaning the land was totally submerged. From geological findings, ancient written tablets, and now from where Noah's Ark has been found, this is not true. What else is not true?

There is one large place on our planet where there are no Flat-Topped Mesas. This is in the valleys left by the emptying of Lake Bonneville that covered most of five of today's states.

This would indicate, that Lake Bonneville was created after the flood at 2248 BC, not millions and millions of years ago. This is easily proven geologically. Another thing taught that is incorrect, What else is there?

To fossilize or Opalize an item they must be under massive pressures caused by water, as has happened to man, animals and plants alike.

It is believed that these pearls are a product of Noah's flood. We also have a rock box with metal tablets, believed by the translator, to have been created by Noah himself. Plus many thousands of other tablets that predate the flood.

For more information: bmsf(AT)mac(DOT)com

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Dec 13, 2021
I have a pearl that looks identical to the 3 in the photo!
by: Steph

Hi! I live in Florida. I have a flood pearl. My husband found it in a big pile of shell rock on a job. this shell rock hasn't been touched since the flood. the pearl is almost perfectly round, and a beautiful blue tone. funny thing, the pearl was almost unidentifiable at first. it had some luster, that's why it was picked up, but it was covered in rock and dirt. it wasn't noticeably beautiful like it is now. it got a good cleaning because it was lost for a day. the dog ate it. so we waited... let me just say, it came out, a testimony to the biblical flood. it is BEAUTIFUL!! it's had its bumps and scrapes in it's travels, but it's still amazing realizing what it is. who can I take it to that will take me serious and actually look at it? we have tried 3 places, and the guys in these places couldn't be bothered. they wouldn't even look at it. I understand they get ripped off, so trust is hard to come by in that work now a days, but its so frustrating to have someone treat you like a liar or a druggie knowing nothing about you. so they didn't even look at the pearl. We are not looking to sell it, we just want someone who knows what they're looking at to confirm this amazing creation. can you help, please? thank you so much for this article, and thanks in advance for your reply. God bless!

Oct 01, 2019
A Good Human
by: Kari

Thank you for your comments. I can tell you have love and a conviction to know the truth about fossil pearls. God bless! Kari

Sep 14, 2019
by: A Good Human

These are absolutely beautiful & I would love to properly explain to you the geologic processes which go into their formation and subsequent fossilization, if you have a few years to listen and go to college! I must say I admire your conviction but unfortunately the scientific method does not permit the use of cultural mythologies or fables in true scientific research. Stories are not proof of anything, and they especially do NOT debunk actual science. In reality you have disproved your whole argument. And before you all get defensive and unrealistically pious-yes, you can love god and be a good Christian without falling for young earth theories or being blind to actual science.

Aug 22, 2013
Sorry about your loss
by: Kari

Dear Anonymous,

I'm sorry about losing your pearl. Finding fossilized oysters and even a pearl in a cave in Oregon would be most exciting! Oh, my, I can't imagine! I love evidence of Noah's flood being found like that.

As for value, I am not sure as they are rarely sold publicly. Collectors usually buy them privately.

The Geological-Paleontological Department of the Natural History Museum in Vienna claims to own the world's largest fossil pearl.

Thank you for commenting! God bless.

Aug 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have personally dug fossilized oysters and clams from the walls of a cave I found some years back in Oregon and I actually found a pearl about as big as a small marble in one of them that was also almost perfectly round but is was more crystal looking than the milky blue of these pearls. I'm curious what would one of those pearls be worth if they were for sale. My pearl was lost in a house fire but thought Noah's Flood Pearls are beautiful and I was curious what one might sell for if ever they were decided to be sold?

Nov 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

From Duane: bmsf(at) mac(.com) 801 652-5577

I drove the Pearl along with a slab of fossilized oyster shells to the GIA headquarters in New York City. I real experience in my life. They are all Jews with long curley Q's by their ears. They don't believe in Noah or the flood.

I paid them for and evaluation: "Coated Glass. A manufactured product."

I showed them the fossilized oysters and said, "I guess this is phony also?" No comment.

I left and drove back to Evanston, Wyoming.

This give you and idea who is controlling the Gem business worldwide.
Since this time, and a few days ago I met with the actual young man who found the pearls. I have him tell me exactly the experience the day he found them. I have been to the flat-topped Mesa, have photographs. Plan to fly a 'Powerachute" air craft over the mesa with a special unit that can be set to identify pearls below, and with a GPS unit to pinpoint the spots where pearls are located. Then four wheel the area to dig up other Noah Pearls. Hoping to discover on as large as a ping pong ball.

Then I will have the GIA appraise it! What a joke.

Going to do this as soon as the weather permits.

The story is not over. Regarding to places: God to mansbeginnings(.)com. then contact me.

Nov 19, 2010
Blown us away
by: Kari

Hi, Your post has "blown us away"! In addition to the pearls, you mention a fossilized human finger and metal tablets with writing. Where were they found? Anyone interested in archaeology will be quite fascinated by all these things. It would be good to have the pearls evaluated. I'm not sure who specializes in evaluating fossil pearls, maybe someone else knows and can inform us. They are so large, perfect, lustrous, which makes them somewhat unbelievable. They look opal-like in the photos. I suppose the GIA would be a good place to start. Thanks for sharing. You've helped us see Wyoming for the exciting place it must be.

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