My Norwegian Heritage Goes Back for Centuries

I'm fortunate to have detailed records of my Norwegian Heritage on both my mother's (Bue) and father's (Ose) sides and even a very old photograph of a 6th Great Grandfather...

This adorable old fellow is my 6th Great-Grandfather, Knut Oppedal, who was a friend of the King and a "little king" or ruler of an area himself.

Apparently, he loaned his silver to the King for a party and let everyone know about it afterwards: "The food was good, but the silver was mine!"

Our claim to fame...loaning treasures to the King....ummmmmm, whatever happened to that stuff anyway??

Knut Oppedal

Both of my grandfathers grew up in Norway. My cousins have restored the log house one of my grandfathers (Almund Bue) lived in at Isfjorden and the stone foundation still remains on Einar's Hill in Ose (between Ørsta and Volda) of the house my other Grandfather (Knute Ose) grew up in.

Can you imagine just hopping on a steamer and never seeing good ol' mom ever again??

Anyway.....I still have scads of cousins in Norway. It's great fun to visit them and get if I could only get some of them to visit me...

Here I am as a baby. Do I look like my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather? I hope so!

Baby Kari

NOW....want to read some really fun stuff, great facts, and superb recipes from/about Norway? Even send mountain ECards?

Sure you visit my Cousin Greta's website: and really get the low-down on this bumpy place. (But guess what? It's a great place for bike riding!)

Go to main "Traveling Kari" Page after falling in love with her great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather's photo which proves her Norwegian Heritage...dig those stockings!
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