Not sure if it is real

by Carol
(Grand Bay, AL)

I found (I think) a pearl in my fried oyster. We went out the night before and brought home the leftovers, and decided to warm up the rest the next day an eat.

I was eating my fried oyster and bit down on something hard, and almost broke my tooth.

I am not sure if it is real, but if you could help that would be great.

Is it even possible to find a pearl in a fried oyster? I did the tooth test, it was rough, kinda like fingernails on the chalkboard.

I have a picture, but not sure if it is good enough....

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Jan 20, 2010
Yes, it's possible
by: Kari

Hello Carol,

Yes, certainly, it is possible and very likely for an oyster to make a pearl and for you to find it in fried oysters. Sometimes the heat will show damage, however, to the pearl.

Most pearls from edible oysters are not as lustrous or as valuable as those from other types of oysters, but it most likely a natural pearl all the same and that means it is a treasure regardless of monetary value.

It will make a great keepsake for you. Maybe you can have a necklace made from it to remind you of being blessed by finding a natural pearl.

Please send a photo by adding to a new page and I'll add it to this page for you.

Lucky's always exciting to find a natural pearl!

Thanks for sharing.

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