NZ Sea water Blue Mussel Pearl

by Cherisse
(Waikato, NZ)

NZ Blue Mussel Pearl

NZ Blue Mussel Pearl

Hey.I live in Waikato, NZ.

I opened up 2 little NZ sea water blue mussels and both had crabs inside. While eating one of the mussels I felt like my bottom tooth was about to chip. When I spat out this round hard stone like thing. I wasn't sure what it was but after googling I assumed it might be a pearl. I've never seen a genuine pearl yet alone chewed on one from a Mussel purchased from a freshfood store. It's approx size roughly 3mm and quite round. Almost looks like a bead. It has a 4 tone colouring of white, greyish, blue, black but murky like the mussel shell it was in. But not iridescent.
I might just take it to a jewellers and see what they can identify about it.

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