Palawan Princess - 5 Pound Pearl - Up for Auction

by Bonham's Auction House
(Los Angeles, California)

Palawan Princess at Bonham's Auction

Palawan Princess at Bonham's Auction

Rare and Immense Natural Non-Nacreous Pearl—“The Palawan Princess”

Bonhams Natural History Auction

Sunday, 1PM, December 6, 2009 in Los Angeles

Tridacna gigas

Saltwaters near The Philippines

Possibly the second largest pearl ever discovered and documented, surpassed only by the renowned 14 pound (approx 31,893.5 carats) “Pearl of Allah” (so-called because it resembled the turbaned head of Allah), the present pearl is the product of the giant clam shell Tridacna gigas found off the coastal waters of the Philippines.

Palawan Princess
Palawan Princess

Almost any shelled mollusk can, by natural processes, produce some kind of “pearl” when an irritating microscopic object becomes trapped within the mollusk’s mantle folds and the conditions are correct. Interestingly, not all “pearls” are made of nacre, that combination of aragonite (calcium carbonate and conchiolin that is secreted from a mollusk and layered together to form what gemologists call a “nacreous” pearl. Some marine animals—namely snails and clams—produce gorgeous gems made up of non-nacreous calcium carbonate. Calcite, rather than aragonite is the primary material here and they are, thus, technically classified as calcareous concretions. The pearl which is not “mother-of-pearl” might best be qualified “porcellaneous.” It indeed possess a brilliant luster like porcelain, a hard resistant appearance, and occurs in a variety of colors according to the species producing it. The Tridacna gigas was first described by Lamarck in 1758,
and is known as the true “Giant Clam”. Reaching lengths of greater than 4 ½ feet (1.4 meters) and weighing hundreds of pounds, they can live well past 50 years of age. This is the largest species of bivalve mollusk to have ever lived in the fossil record of our planet. They can still be found in the waters of the Pacific stretching from the Philippines to Micronesia.

The present example is an incredible, five-pound pearl—measuring six inches in diameter and bearing an uncanny resemblance to a human brain. According to the gemologists who examined it and provided a certificate of authenticity:

“This is an once-in-a-lifetime look at one of nature’s most unique treasures,” said Mitch Jacubovic, director of EGL USA. “A pearl this size is not only one of the largest ones we’ve ever seen, it is among the largest pearls ever seen anywhere.” David Bidwell, a senior appraiser with Universal Gemological Services, called it “clearly one of the most valuable pearls of its kind in the world today.”

Weighing an impressive 5 pounds (approximately 11, 339 carats)

Estimate $300,000-400,000

Accompanied by a EGL USA gem lab report stating “natural non-nacreous pearl from the species Tridacna gigas.”

Accompanied by half the original giant clamshell showing the point of attachment where the pearl formed.


Claudia Florian G.J.G.

Tom Lindgren


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For sale taklobo with w/500grms pearl inside
by: Anonymous

Those who want to buy glemsy taklobo ang has more or less 500grms pearl inside of the shell. The taklobo was found my brother at the mountain of bohol and i was kept it.

Please contact me
by: Kari

Hi, Please contact me here and I will give you more information about the Palawan Princess. I believe it is still for sale. Thanks. Kari

by: Anonymous


largest pearl
by: Anonymous

We possibly have the largest pearl in the world today. It weighed 9.6 kilos!

Palawan Princess Surpassed in Weight
by: moonshadow

Your pearl, the Palawan Princess has been surpassed in weight. Just a few minutes ago a colleague called me up to tell me he has in his possession a 2.5 kg pearl. Roughly this is 5.5 pounds or 11,000++ carats.(if they weighed it with the right scale). In a few minutes i'll be looking at the pix and hopefully see with my own eyes and handle this beauty soon. I'm excited. Of course,this will be for sale.

Significant Pearl
by: Kari

The "Palawan Princess" is a significant pearl. Anyone who has serious pearl collection should consider adding this 5 pound beauty. Having the shell is a nice bonus.

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