Pearl and Diamond Jewelry Discovered

Pearl and diamond jewelry discovered in shipwreck by Dominican Republic.

Diver Swimming Above Shipwreck


The objects found include silver coins, jewels, gold jewelry with pearls, solid gold ring with diamonds, two hand-held bronze cannons, numerous pistols and cannons, a bell from 1693 with the phrase ‘Soli Deo Gloria’, guild pewter plates, navigation compasses, plumb lines for measuring depth, a pistol, sword sheaths, ornaments, plates, silverware, sword handles, a device to measure the ship’s speed, and bronze candlesticks.

Burt D. Webber Jr., famed diver that in 1978 discovered the Concepcion in Dominican Republic waters, is currently the onsite Director of Operations aboard the RV Hispaniola treasure salvage vessel. Mr. Webber comments, “This is such an exciting find especially to be able to salvage significant treasures of silver, gold, and valuable artifacts while the Dominican Republic government observers are onboard. My team has recovered only 10% of what’s down there. We have contracted an area from the Dominicans that is literally a treasure trove of sunken vessels from the 1600-1700s. We expect to explore at least 5 more wrecks in 2010.”

More about the pearls and diamonds jewelry discovered in a shipwreck.

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